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Julie Andrews - Getting to know you

Julie Andrews - Getting to know you

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Thank you for taking your rightful place in The Villages Backgammon Club Pantheon. Perhaps you remember that 1995 movie classic, The Usual Suspects, with Kevin Spacey playing the part of Keyser Soze. Please rest assured that The Villages Backgammon Club will fiercely resist any attempt by the Sumter County Canine Corps (a cocker spaniel with three legs, named Lucy) to use this list for nefarious purposes. 

And now, let's do the upload.

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Congratulations. You soon might recognize that wanted poster.

Congratulations. You soon will see your name in lights.

Upload instructions:
1). Click the buttons (one at a time).
2). Find the relevant document file or image file in your computer.
3). Either double click the file or single click it to highlight it and then click "Open" on your computer.
4). The file name should appear below the Upload button. Please make sure the file name identifies you.
5). Click the submit button.
6). If successful, you'll get a congratulations message.
7). Your info will appear in the Members Gallery once the Webmaster pushes a few buttons, so it's not automatic.
8). If you have problems, contact one of the Board members.

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