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Player Ratings

How They Work

A ratings system is a method of assigning a number to a player who participates in tournaments.  The number is designed to reflect each player’s skill level relative to others in the same ratings system.  The absolute value of the number is arbitrary; it is the comparison to others that is relevant.  The more matches a person plays, the more accurate that person’s rating will become.  Over time, the ratings should be quite accurate.

Initially, each person will be assigned the same rating – 1500.  A person’s rating will go up or down with each tournament match played.  The number of points gained or lost will depend on two factors:  1). the ratings difference between the players in the match and 2). whether the higher-rated player won or the lower-rated player won.  The specifics are the same as is used by the popular online backgammon site Backgammon Galaxy.

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