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About The Villages Backgammon Club

The Villages Backgammon Club is the premier backgammon club in The Villages. This is helped, no doubt, by the fact that it is also the only backgammon club in The Villages. Our mission, simply put, is to provide an opportunity for all backgammon players to enjoy the game in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

So we welcome beginners and almost beginners all the way up to advanced players and those who think they're better than they really are.

We meet four times a week for tournament and unstructured play, plus one "big" tournament a month, leading up to our gala week-long tournament and social shindig which we have modestly labeled the "Directors Cup," held in November.

There's lots of information on this website, some of it actually useful, so please have a look around. When in doubt, use the "Directory."

But first, your welcome video.

Heading 1

This video has been deleted.
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