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About the Directors Cup

The Essentials

The Directors Cup offers an exhilarating tournament format reminiscent of the "Main Event
Tournament" hosted by the U.S. Backgammon Federation, but with an exciting twist. As
contenders dive into this tournament, they're set to experience the thrills of a classic knockout

Tournament Structure:
Field: The tournament welcomes a field of 32 players.
Flights: There are three main phases or flights:
   Championship Flight: Start here and move further by winning your matches. A loss moves you
     to the Premier Flight.
   Premier Flight: Your journey continues. Winning takes you deeper, while a loss transitions you
     to the Finals Flight.
   Finals Flight: This is your last shot! Win and keep going. A loss here means you're out of the
     tournament, echoing the baseball adage, "three strikes and you're out!"

The Twist: In the Directors Cup, you're never truly alone. While matches are individual, players
   are paired into two-person teams. If your teammate remains in the game, you're still in the

   fray! Winning team cash prizes are split equally, irrespective of which member clinches the win.

Tournament Outcomes:
   Victory Tiers:
     Champion: The undefeated player who wins the Championship Flight has their name etched on       

       the Directors Cup trophy, holding onto it until the next year's contest.
     2nd Place: This accolade goes to the contender who reaches the Championship Flight finals but
       doesn't clinch the top prize.
     3rd Place: Awarded to the Premier Flight victor.
     4th Place: This spot is for the player who reaches but doesn't win the Premier Flight finals.

     5th Place: Goes to the winner of the Finals Flight.

Remember, the 2nd and 3rd place winners will have just one loss, while the 4th and 5th place
finishers will have two. All other players will bow out after three losses.

Sharing the Spoils: If your teammate secures any of the top 5 positions, you both split the team
cash prize pools. Thus, 10 players (or 31% of the field) will share in the winnings. Essentially,

about one in three entrants will walk away with a cash prize.

Rules & Regulations:
The Directors Cup abides by the USBGF rules, consistent with other club tournaments.

You can find them here.

Matches will employ time clocks and preferably one set of dice. For legal dice rolling, especially if

you're not using a dice tower, familiarize yourself with the club's video guide. An illegal roll

grants the opponent the right to request a reroll. All dice rolls must be executed on the player's

right-hand side of the board, no exceptions.

The Tournament Director's decisions are final. In case of disputes, if a ruling impacts the match's outcome,

players can appeal. Such appeals are reviewed by a three-member board before the appellant's

subsequent match.


Match durations will extend as players move deeper into their respective Flights.

Join us for an unforgettable experience at the Directors Cup

Match Length and Time per Round for the Directors Cup (32 Player Field)

Championship Flight 

Round      Points/Clock Time                          Venue                               Date

    1            9 points, 18 min.                          Chula Vista              Wed.,  Nov. 15, 2023 

    2            11 points, 22 min.                             Chula Vista              Wed.,  Nov. 15, 2023

    3           13 points, 26 min.                         Laurel Manor          Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023

    4           15 points, 30 min. (Semi's)           Chula Vista              Fri.,     Nov. 17, 2023

    5           17 points, 34 min. (Finals)             Laurel Manor          Sat.,    Nov. 18, 2023


Premier Flight

Round       Points/Clock Time                          Venue                               Date

    1            7 points, 14 min.                            Chula Vista             Wed.,  Nov. 15, 2023          

    2            7 points, 14 min.                                Laurel Manor            Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023    

    3           7 points, 14 min.                            Laurel Manor          Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023  

    4           7 points, 14 min.                            Laurel Manor          Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023  

    5           7 points, 14 min. (Semi's)              Chula Vista              Fri.,     Nov. 17, 2023

    6           9 points, 18 min. (Finals))              Laurel Manor          Sat.,    Nov. 18, 2023


Consolation Flight

Round       Points/Clock Time                           Venue                               Date

    1            5 points, 10 min.                            Laurel Manor            Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023

    2           5 points, 10 min.                            Laurel Manor            Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023

    3           5 points, 10 min.                            Laurel Manor            Thurs., Nov. 16, 2023

    4           5 points, 10 min.                            Chula Vista              Fri.,     Nov. 17, 2023

    5           5 points, 10 min.                            Chula Vista              Fri.,     Nov. 17, 2023

    6           5 points, 10 min. (Semi's)              Laurel Manor           Sat.,    Nov. 18, 2023

    7           7 points, 14 min.  (Finals)               Laurel Manor           Sat.,    Nov. 18, 202

Player Ratings and Directors Cup Player Seeds:

What Are Directors Cup Player Seeds and how do they correspond to Player Ratings:

Player Seeds are numerical values assigned to each tournament participant based upon the participant’s PR (Player Rating). The Entrant with the highest PR is assigned the #1 Seed in the tournament. The Player with the 2nd highest PR in the Field is seeded #2 and so on down to Seed #32.

These Player Rating numbers provide an indication of a player's skill level in comparison to others within the same system. While the specific number might seem arbitrary, it's the relative comparison that offers insights. As a player engages in more matches, their rating becomes increasingly precise, accurately reflecting their playing  skill over time.

Understanding the System:

Player Rating Starting Point and Adjustments
Every player starts in the Club with a uniform Player Rating of 1500. With each tournament match

played over time, this rating can either rise or decline. The magnitude of change is based on two

critical elements:
   1. The Player Rating difference between the competing players.
   2. The match's outcome, specifically whether the higher-rated or lower-rated player secured the victory.


Our rating mechanics mirror the system implemented by the renowned online backgammon platform, Backgammon Galaxy. This ensures consistency and familiarity for many players. The Player Ratings in the Club currently range from
1062 – 1938. These Player ratings are updated weekly on the club web page. You can find them here.

Utilization of Player Ratings in the Directors Cup:
In the Directors Cup, Player Ratings will be used to determine a player’s tournament seed from #1 -#32. The player’s seed number is used to

   1). determine the first round Pairings for the Championship Flight

   2). place that entrant into one of six Groups used in the selection of the 2-Person Teams

   3.). determine the 4-person Teams for the Calcutta Auction

Tournament Seeding

Championship Flight tournament seeding will be based upon entrant Player Ratings (PR's). For the opening Round 1 matches in the 32 Player Championship Flight, the players will be seeded according to their PR's as follows: 

PR 1 v. PR 31            PR 2 v. PR 32

PR 3 v. PR 29          PR 4 v. PR 30

PR 5 v. PR 27          PR 6 v. PR 28

PR 7 . PR 25            PR 8 v. PR 26

PR 9. PR 23             PR 10 v. PR 24

PR 11 v. PR 21           PR 12 v. PR 22

PR 13 v. PR 19          PR 14 v. PR 20

PR 15 v. PR 17          PR 16 v. PR 18

If this seeding looks familiar to you, it may be because you are a fan of Men's NCAA 64-team knockout tournament otherwise known as March Madness. 

If the number of entrants is less than 32 players, first round byes will be given to entrants with the Highest PR’s as needed until the number of players left available matches the number of remaining first round brackets needed to be filled to complete the first round of the tournament. Another way of thinking about it is that the number of byes will be equal to 32 minus the number of Entrants. Since the players with the highest PR’s will be paired with the players who have the lowest PR’s, this seeding method is the most equitable for everyone. 

One Last Thought - Before moving on to the schedule of the Directors Cup, I would like each Club member to consider this Fact: "There will only be one person who wins the first Directors Cup". 

That Champion's name will be engraved on to the Directors Cup trophy. For the rest of time, if you are that first ever winner, you will be memorialized by that Trophy. Fifty or 100 years from now when The Villages Backgammon Club is holding the Directors Cup event, those future members will see your name and wonder who you were and what it was like to be the first winner. They can find out! The Club plans to video stream the Directors Cup Finals so future club members will be able to watch you win the 2022 Finals on the Club's You Tube channel.

For those club members who may be "on the fence" about playing in this inaugural event, I would urge you to dream of the Possibility of your name being engraved on the Directors Cup trophy and proudly displaying it in your home for the next 12 months. 

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Similarly, you only get one chance to be the first winner of the Directors Cup. Please remember the Twist; you are not alone when playing in this tournament. You will be paired with a teammate. The section about Player Ratings provides an explanation of how Directors Cup teams will be formed, and the considerations given to make all teams as even as possible taking into account the playing skill level of both team members. 

Schedule of Events

The Directors Cup is held annually the week preceding Thanksgiving. In 2022, Thanksgiving falls on November 24th. Therefore, the week prior to Thanksgiving is November 13th through November 20th. 

The Directors Cup schedule detailed below uses a 16-team (32 players) Championship Flight bracketed tournament Field. 

Monday night at 6 pm, November 14, 2022

The Directors Cup starts off with a cocktail party and Calcutta Auction for all club members playing or not playing in the Directors Cup. The cocktail party will be catered by Huey Magoo's and is free of charge. The party and Calcutta Auction will be held at the home of Jean and John Hoerber, 1112 Chaparral Drive, The Village of Santo Domingo. Please arrive at 6 pm. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to John at (561) 352 5646. 

What is a Calcutta auction? In simplest terms, it is a way for anyone in the club to "buy" an interest in any of the players entered in the Directors Cup. The players are grouped into teams using their Player Ratings to keep the overall strength of each team as equal as possible. Each team is auctioned off to the highest bidder. If any player of that team wins, the person or syndicate who owns that team wins the Calcutta pool. For more specific information, see the “Calcutta Auction" here.

Wednesday morning at 8:45 am, November 16, 2022 

Tournament play commences at Chula Vista Recreation Center.

Championship Flight - Rounds 1 and 2

Premier Flight - Round 1

The full Field of 32 players will be participating in the Chula Vista Recreation Center opening day matches on November 16. Since only two rounds of matches will be played, no one can be eliminated from the tournament. Therefore, all 32 players will advance to the second day of the Directors Cup, which will be played at Chula Vista Recreation Center on Friday, November 18.

Friday morning at 8:45 am, November 18, 2022

Tournament play continues at Chula Vista Recreation Center.

Championship Flight - Rounds 3 and 4

Premier Flight - Rounds 2 - 4

Consolation Flight - Rounds 1 - 4

Friday night at 3:30 pm, November 18, 2022 

An outdoor picnic for all club members (playing or not playing) and their spouses/significant others. It will be held at the Chula Vista recreation center. Dress is casual and it's no charge for anyone - playing club members, non-playing club members, spouses and significant others. We do ask, however, that you bring a dish to share. BYOB.

Saturday morning at 8:30 am, November 19, 2022

The backgammon part of the Directors Cup concludes at Laurel Manor Recreation Center.

Championship Flight - Round 5 (finals)

Premier Flight - Rounds 5 and 6 (semi's and finals))

Consolation Flight - Rounds 5-7 (includes finals)

Sunday afternoon at 2 pm, November 20, 2022

Awards Dinner for the Directors Cup. Participants, non-playing club members, and their spouses/significant others are invited to attend a private dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club. Our club has reserved a private room. Dress is smart casual. Gents: Jacket with open collar shirt, tie optional; Ladies: cocktail attire. At the conclusion of dinner, the Awards Ceremony will take place. The Directors Cup shall be presented to the Champion. Distribution of team winning cash pools, optional side pool, and payout of Calcutta pool will be made. And the spouse cash awards for the Proposition bets will also be handed out.

The dinner cost is $30 per person. It is in addition to your $50 Entry Fee. You will be responsible to pay another $30 for your spouse. There will be a choice of 5 Entrees: Red & White Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Penne Alla Vodka, or Veal
Meatloaf. For a $5 upcharge, you can order a Maple Pecan Encrusted Salmon. For a $10 upcharge, you can order Chateaubriand - a hand cut tenderloin of beef, topped with a Port wine reduction. All Entrees include a dinner Salad, vegetables, and dinner rolls. To complete this dinner, the chef is preparing his Ville de Maison specialty, a dark chocolate Mousse. We have negotiated “Happy Hour” pricing for all beverage selections except for water and iced tea, which is included in the price of your dinner.

Entry Fee

The Tournament Entry Fee is $50. This Fee covers your Entry into the Directors Cup. One hundred percent of all $50 Entry Fees will be awarded as team cash prizes. Your Entry Fee also covers the cost of the Monday night cocktail party/Calcutta Auction as well as the Friday night picnic. The only social event which the club cannot directly pay for is the Sunday afternoon gala awards dinner ($30 per person). If you would like to play for more cash money, there is an optional $40 side pool participants may enter.


Trophies and Cash Pool Prizes

The Directors Cup is the centerpiece trophy. The Directors Cup will be a beautiful Silver Cup which will feature engravings of the name of the individual Champion. The Directors Cup will be placed in the care, custody and control of the Tournament Champion for 12 months. Prior to the start of the next Directors Cup tournament, the Cup will be returned to the Club so that it may be awarded to the next Champion. 

Show me the Money! There will be cash payouts to the winners from three separate prize pools: Tournament entry funded Winning Team cash pools; Optional player side pool and Calcutta auction cash pool. 

The team payouts for the 32-person Field are shown below. There are going to be 10 people who are part of winning teams in this year's Directors Cup. When you do the math, the ratio of paid winners to paid entrants is 31% for a 16-team tournament.

Optional side pool

Players may choose to enter the optional side pool for $40. This side pool is kept separate from the main entry fee "Winning Team cash pools”. It is split 60% and 40% between the two players of those who enter the side pool who advance the furthest in the Championship Flight bracket. The winners of the side pool monies keep 100% of the payout. It is not shared with their teammate. Having this optional side pool keeps the tournament entry fee lower while giving those players who want to pay more a chance to win more. If you believe you stand any chance of doing well in this tournament, entering the side pool is usually financially wise since there is not a 100% participation rate. The side pool provides a great opportunity to "cash” if you go far in the Championship Flight. Another reason to enter the optional side pool - you don't want to win the Directors Cup and have someone you beat walk off with the side pool money. Side pool payout numbers depend upon the number of players who participate. For illustration purposes, the cash side pool payouts illustrated below are based upon a fifty percent participation rate.

Propositional Bets
For the non-playing spouses of Entrants, as well as any club members not playing in the Directors Cup, there are ten Propositional Bets with a buy-in of $10. No knowledge of the game of backgammon is required for you to win. It is similar to betting on a horse because you like their name. This is a fun way to allow us to include everyone in the fun of the Directors Cup! The winner will be recognized and paid at the gala awards dinner on Sunday afternoon. You can read more about the Propositional Bets, and even enter the competition, right here. It's only a click away. 


Below are detailed cash pool payouts.

Cash pool payouts

Winning team payouts (16 teams entered)

Championship Flight Champion         $480/team

Championship Flight Finalist              $400/team 

Premier Flight Champion                    $320/team

Premier Flight Finalist                          $240/team

Consolation Flight Champion             $160/team


Optional side pool ($40 buy-in, 16 players participating) 

1st place - 60% payout                        $384

2nd place - 40% payout                      $256

Note: Side pool is paid to two players advancing furthest in the Championship Flight. No teammate sharing.

Calcutta Auction pool (based upon a $1000 Calcutta Pool)

Team Owner of Cup Winner               $1000 (100% of Calcutta Pool)


The Calcutta Auction cash pool is anticipated to be the largest cash pool. All club members can and are encouraged to bid on the teams at the Auction. This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in the Directors Cup even if you are not
playing in the tournament. Club members can pool their money together and form a syndicate for greater buying power. This Calcutta pool could total in the thousands easily. The Calcutta Pool is separate from the Tournament Entry Team
Prize Pool as well as the Optional Side Pool funds. Unlike the Tournament Entry Team Prize Pool and the Optional Player Side Pool, you don’t need to win any Flight of the tournament to get paid! That’s right, you simply need to “own” the
team whose player wins the Directors Cup.

Calcutta Auction

Click here for a full description of a Calcutta Auction.





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Match length and time per round
Player ratings
Tournament seeding
Schedule of Events
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