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La Chouette

You might have heard the term "chouette" in backgammon, but either know little about it or harbor some trepidation about it. You need not. Like many things, once you do it once or twice, it becomes quite easy and natural.

A chouette is simply a way of playing backgammon when you have more than two players. Each player is assigned a particular role, and the roles rotate after each game. It fosters more interaction and camaraderie during play, and is a great way to team up with an advanced player and learn a few things first hand.

Before getting into specifics, we need to distinguish a backgammon chouette from these namesakes.

chouette 3.jpg

And, of course, we must pay homage to the first known instance of a backgammon chouette, attributed to the city of Nantes in 1807.

backgammon 3.jfif

And now for the details.

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